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Salsa Nuremberg Club Party – Clubs with Salsa Parties in Nuremberg

Salsa Nuremberg Club. - Regular parties with DJ in salsa clubs in Nuremberg are on Saturday. There is no regular party with DJ in a salsa club in Nuremberg on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday. For a salsa party today or tomorrow see the following schedule of regular salsa parties in Nuremberg on different days of the week.

An irregular salsa party today or tomorrow in Nuremberg would be included in the framed calendar for this week in the German version of this page. A preview for a longer period is on the home page Salsa Nürnberg.

Salsa Nuremberg Party Week

For salsa dancers visiting Nuremberg this is the essential information in English on regular salsa parties in salsa clubs in Nuremberg.

Every Saturday, 22 til 5 hrs
salsa party with rotating DJs or guest-DJ in the club
Address: Gewerbemuseumsplatz 3, 90403 Nürnberg
Admission: 5 Euro
Wardrobe: 1 Euro
2 Areas: Salsa & Reggaeton
How to get there by public transport? Take the underground line 2 towards the airport to the underground station "Herrnhütte". Exit the underground station in the rearward direction and go into the residential area. At the first crossing to the left. Then turn left again. Check for departure times on the night bus stop "Klingenhofstraße" on the left side of the road before you enter the "Fogón" on the right side of the road. First you enter the reggaeton area. Opposite the entrance, a staircase leads down into the salsa area.

Twice a month on a Wednesday and once a month on a Tuesday, 19 til 23:30 hrs
salsa party with DJ Yoel Diaz Ferrer (Cuba) in the Lounge Bar of the cinema
Address: Flughafenstraße 100, 90411 Nürnberg
Admission free


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